1. E-Transfer


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Annual HOA Fee Payment

There is a registered Encumbrance in favour of SBHHA on land titles of houses and condos in the designated Springbank Hill Homeowners Association area that requires owners to pay the SBHHA fees on a yearly basis. The Encumbrance enables a charge against the owners' properties to secure payment of the fees. The funds collected are used for general year-round maintenance and upkeep of common property in our community. PLEASE REVIEW MAP OF THE PROPERTIES INCLUDED IN OUR ENCUMBRANCE (SPRINGBANK HILL HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION).

Any payment received is firstly applied to outstanding interest and collection costs (if any) and then to the oldest charges on your account. The Encumbrance further states that fees not paid when due will bear interest at a rate of Prime plus 5% per annum calculated and compounded monthly and that debtors are liable for all costs incurred by SBHHA in relation to collection of the outstanding fees.


Update October 14, 2022:

Invoices for the 2022 HOA annual fee were distributed March 1, 2022 and the due date was Saturday, April 30, 2022.

- Two $20 interest and administration charge were levied on outstanding accounts at this time.

- Overdue accounts have now been assigned to legal collections.

Outstanding 2022 accounts must be paid via our legal counsel.


3. A cheque may be sent to:

Springbank Hill Homeowners Association 
Box 75011 Westhills R.P.O. 
Calgary AB T3H 3M1

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2. Credit Card


We use PayPal as our credit card provider. A PayPal account is not required.

Note: we do not have Springborough addresses. 

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